Tandori Breads

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Tandori Breads


50.   Roti                                                        $1.95


Made With Whole  Wheat Flour Baked In Clay Oven.




51.   Naan                                                        $1.95

        Baked In Our Clay Oven From enriched White Flour.




52.   Lacha Pratha                                         $2.50

        Whole Wheat Dough Layered With Butter Baked In Clay Oven.


53.   Onion Kulcha                                          $2.50

        White Flour Bread Layered With Chopped Onion Baked In A Flaming

        Charcoal Oven.


54.  Garlic Naan                                                             $2.50

       White Flour Bread Layered With Chopped Garlic Bread In A Flamin

       Charcoal Clay Oven.


55.  Aloo Pratha                                                                  $2.50

       Whole Wheat Bread Stuffed With Special Potatoes And Peas.                                                       





                                                                               ( Served With Pure Saffron Basmati Rice,CORIANDER CHUTNEY  AND PICKLES)



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