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Aatish On The Hill  

Fine INDIAN And Pakistani Tandoori Charcoal Cuisine



     WOK ENTREES                  

                                                                               Launch          Dinner

20.  CHICKEN KARAHI                                                                                           $9.95                        $14.95


  Chunks Of Boneless Chicken Cooked in A Wok with Select Spices,

       Herbs, Fresh Tomatoes, Onions, Green pepper.



21.  LAMB KARAHI                                                                    $10.95                      $14.95

      Chunks Of Boneless Lamb Cooked With Fresh Ginger, Garlic And Chef’s   

      Special Blend Of Spices, Tomatoes, Onion, Green pepper Cooked In a Wok.



22.  SEEKH KABAB MASALA                                                   $10.95                         $14.95

        Minced Meet (Beef) Marinated With Spice and Herbs Barbecued Charcoal    

        And Then In Chef’s Special Sauce.






                                                                               ( Served With Pure Saffron Basmati Rice,CORIANDER CHUTNEY  AND PICKLES)



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