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Aatish On The Hill  

Fine INDIAN And Pakistani Tandoori Charcoal Cuisine





1.   MULLIGTAWANY SOUP                                                          $3.95                                                                              

 Creamed lentils simmered with herbs and spice, served with lemon





2.   Vegetable Pakora                                                                          $3.95

      Potato,Onion,Cauliflowers and Eggplant, dipped in chick peas butter

       and fried in vegetable oil.




3.    Samosa                                                                                                              $3.95    

    Triangular shape pastry made with white flour stuffed with special

       potatoes and green peas,deep fried in vegetable oil,two per order.




4.    Seekh kabab                                                             $3.25

       Minced beef marinated in herbs and spice,skewered over flaming

       Charcoal a clay-oven.




5.    Chicken tikka                                                           $3.50


Strips of boneless chicken breast,marinated in yogurt and spices,cooked

       in charcoal clay-oven.




6.    Botti kabab                                                                                         $4.95


 Boneless pieces of lender lamb marinated in herbs and spices,cooked

      in charcoal clay-oven.



7.   Assorted appetizer platter                                           $9.95      

 A combination of Samosa,Pakora,Chicken Tikka,Seekh Kabab.








                                                                               ( Served With Pure Saffron Basmati Rice,CORIANDER CHUTNEY  AND PICKLES)




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