I was pleasantly surprised eating at this Capitol Hill eatery. It doesn't look like much from the outside but the interior is far nicer. All of our food came out freshly prepared and the lamb in our dishes was to die for. We had the lamb biryani, lamb karahi, naan bread, and the mango lassi drink. The lamb biryani was very flavorful and easily the best version of biryani I've had. The lamb karahi was really good as well. The vegetables were cooked just right and the meat was tender. We could tell that the lamb that they used was younger because it didn't have that strong "gamey" taste that older lamb has and it was sooo tender. So glad we came into this place. My only quorum is that I don't live closer to here.
Kristi J.
Fairfax, VA
I've been ordering delivery from here on a monthly basis for a couple of years now. I loved the food when I lived in SW and still do now that I'm living in SE. I can't speak to the majority of the menu, and I can't say I like their vegetarian dishes much (there's not a ton of flavor), but the staples, namely chicken masala and chicken tikka masala, are awesome. Delivery is always prompt and courteous. The food isn't super cheap, but I find the portion size to be quite good - I usually get at least two meals out of one entree, so the price doesn't bother me. As a disclaimer - I always get medium or hot spice, with "hot" being very spicy.
Whitney F.
Washington, DC
Warning if you have a Groupon! Or just want to eat dinner in. food is great but service is very awkward. The server wouldn't allow us to order the appetizers without us each ordering an entree first and have a weird rule that there must be a two entree order minimum during dinner. This to me is BS. I understand wanting to increase sales but we just wanted to have drinks and share some kabobs and other dishes. I did the math and I would of spent more on what I actually wanted rather than being forced to pick an entree. Oh and we were the only people in there from 7-9! The place was absolutely dead and she said in order to use Groupon you must make a reservation. It was just an unusual dining experience as I work in hospitality and would never treat patrons to these obscure rules. If getting food just get takeout.
Lauren M.
Washington, DC
This is a late post from a July visit to the Aatish on the Hill. This place was amazing! They were very, very attentive and had the best Mediterranean food I've ever had! Everything about the food felt fresh and even the rice was down right delicious. Highly recommended for a authentic food, great service in a family run restaurant.
Natalie R.
Vancouver, WA
We had a nice dinner - a chicken dish and a lamb with spinach dish. They bring a gratis papadom with some sauces to start. It's a comfortable restaurant in an easy pace, no rush.
Annette F.
Miami Beach, FL
We were in Washington for the Independence Day weekend. Looked around for a view Indian restaurants and check google for some Indian restaurant around . Found this restaurant on the top 10 list in Washington DC . I was amazed to find out that even the senates visit this place to eat Indian cuisine .The food was awesome . Must try chana masala and Garlic Naan. It's delicious .
Jay R.
Auburn, AL
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